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Who doesn't love a wedding, so it's always lovely to be part of someone else's celebration.

We are in the very final moments of completing one of our bamboo boxes.  It is plain pressed, natural bamboo and has a velvet lining with marquetry message inside the lid.  The writing is in purple heart and the colour co-ordination continues with the detail on the top. The bright colours and bamboo, together with the shiny chromed hinges, complete this very modern looking box.

There will be more detailed photographs once the gift has been given, it would be a shame to spoil the surprise! 

bamboo box

The oval tray is made from American walnut with a steam-bent cherry rim and
handle.  The detailing is again in a bright, modern colour.

Cherry is not an ideal wood for steam bending so there have been a few challenges with this piece but we're very nearly there and will be able to concentrate on final cleaning up, sanding and finishing.

As usual, both these pieces are finished in a resilient and low odour, organic hard wax.  It is certified safe for children's toys and work surfaces and has the added benefit of being easily maintained by the owner over many years of use (we hope).

tray detail

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